In the event of your child needing to go to get tested for Covid-19 here is a Social Story that may help you explain the process.

When children know what is coming they are less anxious so the better prepared they are the better.

Swab Test Social Story

Sometimes when people are feeling unwell or sick, they go to the doctor.

If I feel very hot or have a bad cough, the doctor might tell me to go for a swab test.

There are lots of people going to get a ‘swab test’ because people want to keep safe from spreading the coronavirus. We do not want to spread the virus to other people. I will get a text to find out what time I will go to the centre.

My mam or dad will bring me to the swab test centre.

I will meet someone who will be wearing something to cover their clothes. They might be wearing gloves and goggles. They will be wearing a mask.

They will give me a mask when I am in the car park. They will give a mask to my mam or dad too.

When we go inside, this person will tell me wash my hands for 20 seconds. Then, I will sit beside my mom or dad.


The person working there is trying to help me. They will ask me to blow my nose.

They will ask me to open my mouth so they can put a cotton bud inside. I will try to keep my mouth open.

If I have to cough, I will try to turn away.

Then they will put the cotton bud in my nose.

Then I can go home.

Mam or dad will be very proud of me for doing what I was asked.