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Holly graduated in 2014 from Trinity College, Dublin with a BSc. in Clinical Speech and Language Studies.  Holly spent 2 years working in London in a variety of adult settings, acute hospitals, rehabilitation and community care including the Stroke Association Charity where she set up a coffee shop hub for adults post-stroke who were trying to reintegrate themselves back into their communities.

She then moved to New Zealand and worked for the Ministry of Education with children from ages 2 – 18 years.  She gained experience working with children who were diagnosed with Autism, Downs syndrome,  DLD, ID, language delays, cerebral palsy, speech disorders, AAC (Alternative and augmentative communication devices).  Holly has a particular passion for involving the parent or care giver in their child’s therapy.

Through first hand experience and evidence based research her interest in up-skilling and educating the key adults means that the skills practiced and learnt in the therapy room can be transferred to everyday life scenarios in the child’s natural environment.