Speech and Language Therapist

Clare graduated in 2019 from the University of Limerick with an MSc in Speech and Language Therapy (Professional Qualification). As part of her course she has worked in a variety of settings from Early Intervention to Adult Services, delivering intervention for both communication and feeding, eating, drinking, and swallowing. Clare has gained experience working with service users with differing diagnoses e.g. Downs Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, developmental language disorder, cerebral palsy, and speech disorders/delays. She understands the impacts of these diagnoses and how important it is to support service users in realising and reaching their potential. She also recognizes the importance of working with parents, carers, and educators for therapy to be successful.

Clare took part in the Conversation Partner Scheme in which she visited stroke survivors and completed weekly communication sessions. Through this scheme she learned the importance of non-verbal communication, alternative methods of communication and AAC devices. She has also spent time volunteering with an AAC club and a literacy programme.