Speech and Language Therapist

Christina graduated from Trinity College in 2014 with a B.Sc. in Clinical Speech and Language Studies. Since graduating, Christina has worked for the HSE in a variety of acute hospital and primary care settings. From her time in acute hospital settings, Christina gained extensive experience working as part of a multi-disciplinary team in fast-paced, high pressure environments, providing speech and language therapy input to adults and elderly people presenting with conditions such as stroke, dementia, and Parkinson’s Disease.

However, Christina’s greatest passion has been working with paediatric populations. During her time in primary care, Christina worked with children and adolescents from 0-18 years of age providing a range of therapy, including 1:1 therapy, group therapy, and indirect parent training programmes. Her work in primary care, also involved extensive liaison with other health and social care professionals, educators, and Public Health Nurses.

Christina has particular interest and experience in working with dysfluency (i.e. stuttering/stammering), language delays and disorders, speech delays and disorders, and voice disorders. Christina is highly committed to her ongoing professional development, and has completed a number of courses since graduating. Some of these courses include:
• Michael Palin Parent Child Interaction Therapy for Dysfluency.
• The Derbyshire Language Scheme.
• Caroline Bowen’s Evidence-Based Intervention for Children with Speech Sound Disorders.
• An “Infant and Child Mental Health” course.

Empowering key stakeholders, such as parents, carers, and educators is a key principle of Christina’s personal philosophy of care. In working with families, Christina thrives on providing communication strategies that can be practically implemented in day-to-day life by parents/carers. Christina adopts a partnership approach built on client-centred goals, in order to provide individualised strategies for each child she works with. Christina has a great appreciation of the important link between communication skills and a child’s academic and social development in educational settings, and is therefore extremely passionate about linking in with educators. Christina has extensive experience working in both preschool and primary school settings, which has provided her with the opportunity to support the children and the families that she works with beyond the clinic room.