Music Play and Communication is a 6-week group run by Aisling Hennessy (Music Therapist) and Olive Gormley (Speech and Language Therapist) in the Dublin Adult and Child Therapy Centre. The objective of the group is to develop your child’s early communication and language skills using music and play as a motivating tool, each week the group will focus on developing and growing the following areas of your child’s development

  • Non-verbal communication skills, i.e. pointing, eye-contact, joint attention
  • Attention and Listening
  • Awareness of others & peer interaction
  • Requesting
  • Desire to communicate & making choices
  • Cause and effect
  • Following directions
  • Early vocabulary

The participants of the group will be facilitated to improve their early communication and language skills by the therapists in a fun, dynamic and engaging environment, helping them to develop an understanding of communication and reinforce the appeal interactions.

  • Increased early communication skills
  • Eye contact
  • Non-verbal communication, i.e. pointing, nodding, gestures
  • Joint attention
  • Awareness of others
  • Improved attention in adult directed and group activities
  • Increased awareness of peers, i.e. simple turn-taking, joint play
  • Consistent requesting through an appropriate means (i.e. using language to ask for something)
  • Increased motivation and understanding of the need to communicate
  • Development of cause and effect in communication i.e. the need to “ask” in order to “get”
  • Increased understanding of simple vocabulary and following simple directions
  • Development of vocabulary (understanding and expression)

For further details Contact Leah our Family Co-Ordinator