“Lighting up young brains” is a report that was published in England last year where it was documented that almost 130,000 children in England found themselves disadvantaged by poor language ability.  These are quite shocking statistics that have come about by a team of Neuroscientists who are calling for more to be done with Children at pre-school age or the “lightbulb” years.  They are challenging the misconception that learning can wait for school as if a child starts on their first day behind they tend to stay behind.  Failure to develop adequate language skills can leave children struggling to learn in the classroom.  What has been learned from this study is that we need to stimulate a child’s brain earlier before they start school as most of their brain growth is done in this time and can be the foundation for their learning ability ongoing through life.  Evidence showed that playtime can be made “braintime” with a combination of talking, word games and singing said the experts.  Such an approach stimulated early language and communication skills and provided the “building blocks” for learning.

I don’t think I have come across a better  study that compounds all the elements that we have put into our Chatterboxes programme.  We are passionate about bringing early language and communication skills to children at pre-school and Montessori level as we believe this is the best start you can give you children starting school.

Check out the study for yourself