I recently tuned into the Marian Finucane programme which I have attached here so have a listen to the experience of Sean O’Sullivan one of RTE’s Dragon’s Den contributors.  Some will say that he is in a privalaged place to be able to move out of the country with his child to access better services in the states.  But the fact remains that he is doing what most people would do for their child given the opportunity.  The lack of services is becoming increasingly more difficult to access for children on the spectrum and although we ourselves here in our clinic are able to offer services we understand the plight parents have in trying to battle through the system.  What struck me was how in New Jersey if you live in a particular area your taxes pays for the schools in that area so if you live in a  particular area that has  a high number of children on the autism spectrum then a specialist school is put in place to cater for those children which you do not have to pay extra for its covered by your taxes.  Wow !!!!  How forward thinking of the government and yet recently a parent who attends our clinic for therapy pointed out to me that there was not one question on the recent census forms asking is there any children in the household with special needs educationally or physically.  Obviously we are entering into another god knows how many  years of no planning, no forward thinking about the different educational needs that are required in different areas.  Is it that much to ask the people running our country to think ahead what they want for the future of our country.  Is it too much to ask that although a child may have a special need that they could not be given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Answer to that is obviously Yes as thousands of parents around the country are busy filling out Home Tuition forms, Submitting reports and support letters to access to an SNA or resource hours for their child within a system that barely understands the diagnosis never mind the difficulties these children face just trying to access an education.