Hi Ho HI Ho it’s off to school we go!

The Dublin Adult and Child Therapy Centre are running a fun and interactive summer camp focusing on  promoting the skills needed in preparation for the move into primary school.  The Camp will prepare pre-schoolers for a positive and stress-free transition to “big” school in a warm, fun and inclusive environment.

School is a full time occupation for children and the camp will utilise the expertise of the centre’s Occupational Therapist to create a program of daily acitivies and events that will help children kick-start their school career by:

  • Developing fine motor skills in order to open lunchboxes and lids on bottles, zips on bags or their jumpers,
  • Working on pencil grip to promote handwriting
  • Focusing on independence in daily routines, such as hanging up bags
  • Developing gross motor skills through fun games
  • Promoting positive social skills to help in the foundation of new friendships
  • Sequencing tasks in preparation for the instructions and directions given in the classroom.

Whilst school is a environment to explore, expand the mind and learn, it is also the place your child will grow and develop life long friendships and social networks.  The summer camp’s Speech and Language Therapist will he help your child enhance their communication skills not only to boost their learning but to facilitate the foundation of these relationships.  Each day, through carefully devised activities and play the children will develop,

  • School based language and vocabulary to ensure success within the classroom environment
  • The importance of active listening and attention to hel retain learning.
  • Social and Pragmatic skills required for positive peer interactions
  • Concepts that will support your child’s understanding of directions and instructions
  • Motivation for following directions specifically related to school and the classroom
  • Story telling and narrative in order to help children express themselves freely
  • An understanding of going to “big school” through interactive stories and role-play

The camp leaders will integrate the knowledge and expertise of the centre’s therapists with the skill set needed to ensure a smooth and happy transition into school through a week long program of exciting, motivating and fun activities.

This camp will be a fun and positive adjustment for children starting on their journey to Big School

On completion of the camp children will receive a certificate and prize.  Parents will receive on-going feedback during the camp and information to help them support their child into their new school environment.

Camp will run last week in July and again on third week in August.

Cost will be €150 per child for 5 days 10-12.30pm

To book your child please contact us on 01 2789516 and we require a booking deposit of €50 to guarantee your place.  Remainder of balance will be due start day of camp.

You can also email on info@adultandchildtherapy.ie