Halloween 2016 Social Skills Camp

We would like to welcome your child to our Halloween social skills group. We hope your child both benefits and enjoys the group over the next three days. Through the creative, fun and imaginative activities that we have developed for the camp we hope to help your child make progress in the following areas

  • Development of basic social skills, i.e. initiating conversation, eye-contact
  • Building on existing social skills
  • Attention and Listening
  • Language and vocabulary development
  • Awareness of others
  • Narrative skills and formulating stories
  • Sequencing
  • Story telling
  • Problem solving
  • Emotions and emotional regulation
  • Developing the language and communication needed for successful peer interaction
  • Self regulation
  • Developing conversation
  • Fine motor skills
  • Co-ordination and gross motor skills


Each day your child will be exposed to a range of tasks, games and activities in an imaginative, enjoyable and social environment. The group’s leaders, Olive Gormley (Speech and Language Therapist) and Claire Deverell (Occupational Therapist) will facilitate the children in the daily two-hour session and help them to learn and progress in each of the areas targeted.

We look forward to having your child in the camp and we hope your child enjoys their time in the group!

Olive Gormley                                                            Claire Deverell

Senior Speech and Language Therapist                    Occupational Therapist

Camp Outline


Dates:              1st – 3rd November (inclusive)

Time:               2pm -4-m

Location:         The Dublin Adult and Child Therapy Centre, Blackthorn Avenue, Sandyford Office Park, Sandyford

Therapists:      Olive Gormley (Senior Speech and Language Therapist)

Claire Deverell (Occupational Therapist)

Leah DeLacey (Family Coordinator)


The camp will consist of a range of fun, engaging activities created by The Dublin Adult and Child Therapy Centre’s Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Therapist. These activities have been carefully selected to work on the target areas of the camp such as your child’s fine and gross motor skills, language, communication and social involvement. Each child will receive a daily feedback form on the areas targeted and the child’s progress in the selected task.


On the first day of the camp your child will receive a folder where they can keep materials from the group. Carry over materials and activities will also be given to the children in their folder so ensure they bring it with them each day.


Below is a general outline of each day of the Camp. If you have any further questions or queries please don’t hesitate to ask!



Please inform the therapists of any known allergies/intolerances that your child has at the beginning of the Camp.




  1. Settling in/free play (10 mins)
  2. Circle Time (15 mins)
  3. Art & Craft (30 mins)
  4. Vocabulary Building (20 mins)
  5. Movement and gross motor (20 mins)
  6. All about me (20 mins)
  7. Finish





  1. Free play (10 mins)
  2. Circle Time (15 mins)
  3. Concept Building (20 mins)
  4. Food fun (30 mins)
  5. Story time (20 mins)
  6. Movement task (20 mins)
  7. Finish



  1. Free play (10 mins)
  2. Circle Time (15 mins)
  3. Art and Craft (30 mins)
  4. Actions and Adjectives (20 mins)
  5. Gross motor skills (20 mins)
  6. My Friends (20 mins)
  7. Finish