Speech And Language Therapy


A therapeutic plan is put in place once our Speech and Language Therapist has had an initial consult with parents to gather developmental history and any previous therapy that has been provided by another clinician.

If your child/teenager requires assessment, this will be done and from
this assessment, the therapist gains a better understanding of the
difficulties your child/teenager is experiencing.

A therapeutic plan is put together which may consist of various different options which the
therapist will run through with you.

Block of Therapy (6-8 weeks)

This is normally done on a weekly basis in conjunction with some worksheets being given to parents to work on at home with their child/teenager as with all language difficulties practise and repetition is a huge part of the therapeutic process.

Home Programme

It can be developed for your child and you to work on with their child/teenager with a view to a follow up in a couple of weeks to see how things are improving and maybe some changes may be necessary.

Our Therapy appointments are offered during the week and we also have Saturday appoinments avail.

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