Speech And Language Assessment

Language delay

It can be difficult as a parent to determine whether your child has a language delay when comparing to other children of the same age. Generally speaking, if your child is reaching their language milestones much later than their peers, then they would be considered as having a language delay.It can be considered Language difficulties, if your child has:

– Difficulty following directions
– Short attention span OR easily distracted
– Problems with reading/spelling
– Poor vocabulary development
– Trouble sharing stories OR gets the sequence of the events in the story wrong

These can be some of the signs that your child/teenager is having difficulty with their Reception and Expressive Language. Receptive Language Skills means your child’s understanding of the language used by others in conversation, while Expressive Language Skills is how your child uses words/ sentences to express himself/ herself and get his/ her message across.

Our Therapists continue to upskill in language and parent programmes to ensure they are providing the most up to date formats of therapy for children.

Speech Sounds Assessment

Our Speech and Language Therapist can offer Assessment, Diagnose and offer a therapeutic plan for difficulties with Speech Sounds in your child/teenager. Speech Sounds are the sounds that are combined to make words. The words themselves and how your child uses them are part of their language system.


Oro-motor/ Motor Speech:  Your child’s ability to move the muscles of their mouth. The purpose of this assessment is to examine how your child can use the muscles of their mouth for both speech and non-speech tasks. An Oro-motor assessment can also be carried out as a central part of an assessment for Feeding, Eating, Drinking and Swallowing (FEDS) difficulties. Our Speech and Language Therapist can provide Assessment, diagnose and offer a therapeutic plan in the above difficulty that may be experience by your child.


Our Speech and Language Therapist can provide Assessment, Diagnose and offer a therapeutic plan for your child/teenager who may be experiencing a Stammer (speak with sudden involuntary pauses and a tendency to repeat the initial letters of words). Our Therapist will assess both primary and secondary characteristics of stammering.

Full Speech and Language Assessments cost €500

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