OT Therapy

Therapeutic intervention for children is designed around your child’s individual needs. Identification of needs may have been the outcome of an occupational therapy assessment, or screening, or as a result of concerns raised by you the parents, the school principal, class teacher or by other professionals working with your child

OT Therapy

Once your child’s difficulties have been identified through assessment with ourselves or previous assessment with another therapist we can then therapeutic plan which is the Goals for therapy are identified and set for the therapy block (typically an 6-8 week block of individual sessions). Occupational therapy intervention can address a range of developmental difficulties such as these listed below:
– Visual Perceptual skills

– Visual-Motor Integration Skills

– Gross and Fine Motor Difficulties

– Handwriting Difficulties

– Sensory Processing Difficulties

– Social Skills

– Functional Skills

Our Therapists will make sessions as fun and interactive for your child to look forward to coming to their sessions.  They will include upskilling parents in order to put strategies into place at home also.

Booking a Block of Appointments

An initial intake is booked with our Therapists so they can gain a sense of difficulties arising and environments where it is most difficult.  They will gather information at this point and put it towards building a therapy plan.

We book 6 week blocks at a time and then recommend a break in between booking another  block so that strategies can be implemented into the child’s environment.  If another block is desired just contact our team and they can schedule another block into the diary.

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