Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy department aims to help children achieve and maintain practical life skills so that the child can participate fully in their environment whether that be home, school or general play.

Occupational Therapy can help children overcome physical difficulties that they may be experiencing such as:

  • Visual Perceptual skills: essential skills for learning reading, writing, spelling and development of such
  • Visual-Motor Integration Skills: coordinated use of eye and hands together, which affects functional skills such as handwriting, copying from the black board, and catching a ball
  • Gross and Fine Motor Difficulties: gross motor (balance, ball skills), fine motor (finger strength, dexterity, control)
  • Handwriting Difficulties: pencil grip, letter formations, letter reversals, spacing
  • Sensory Processing Difficulties: effecting attention and concentration skills, ability to sit still to a peer appropriate level, impulsivity
  • Social Skills: developing appropriate play skills, confidence and variety of hobbies and interests, ability to initiate and expand conversations, make and maintain friendships
  • Functional Skills: dressing, toileting, self-care, organisation

Our team has a range of experience in various different area’s and will provide comprehensive treatment plans for that will include  parents and their children.

Niamh Brady                                Miriam El Mahdi                                  Michelle Woods                    Rachel Maunsell

All Registered with CORU

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