CBT Therapy is an effective and proven therapy treatment for Anxiety.  A family who have recently finished therapy with Marie O’Sullivan our CBT Therapist asked us to share their journey through therapy within our clinic.  It’s been a real boost for us all on the team to see this young lady flourish and learn how to live her life without anxiety ruling her day to day life.

Testimonial – Mum of Teenager

Just a little over a year ago we were introduced to The Dublin Adult & Child Therapy Clinic.  My daughter who was just turning 17 at the time was struggling socially, alot of self doubt and huge anxiety. She has always been on the quiet side but it seemed to be getting worse .She was happy to stay in and not have to deal with the outside world .Through a conversation with my daughter we realised it was a lot more serious than we thought so a friend recommended the clinic.  We spoke to our daughter about going and she agreed to go  .At first we weren’t sure ourselves but it turned out to be the best decision we ever made. Once we made the appointment my husband and myself went for the first visit and this is were we met Marie. To our amazement we were surprised at how easy it was to talk to Marie about our family .The next appointment my daughter came and it was then we realised how hard it was for my daughter to do simple things that someone else wouldn’t even think twice about doing like going to a shop , getting a bus , talking to people outside of the family not to mention the anxiety she had just even going to school. 

At first it was only meant to be for 6 weeks but our daughter was that low that it ended up being once a week for a couple of months. We did alot of work at home with our daughter to help her all with the guidance from Marie which at times was tough cause you just want stop and say it’s ok you don’t have to do it but that wouldn’t help her at all so we had to do some tough love which was hard for us .But 1 year on and my daughter turned 18 last week she had her last meeting with Marie which she decided herself she was ready to do.She is like a different person now compared to this time last year she is even talking about going away for college which would never have happened last year.  The best call we ever made was going for theray we now have a beautiful young lady with confidence thanks to Marie and the friendly staff of the clinic.