Our Therapy Centre starts out the therapy process with Parents who are looking for their *teenager to engage in it, by listening to the concerns that they have and offering an idea of a Therapeutic Plan that would be suitable to work on these issues.  We start Therapy with the individual, but keep parents informed of how sessions are going and what can help the home environment throughout the process.

Our Centre is dedicated to providing support and professional therapy to teenagers who may be experiencing some of the following difficulties:

  • Low Self Esteem and body issues
  • Bullying, Cyber Bullying
  • Stress due to family situations, exam pressure
  • Grief
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Alcohol/Drug difficulties

If you feel your teenager is acting outside of the ‘Norm’ the first step may be to engage with their Teacher to see if they have noticed any changes in mood etc and next step would be their GP. We are here to offer support to families who may be experiencing any of the above with their teenager. We have a team of Clinical Psychologist’s who can work with teenagers and their families in order to overcome and to build some techniques in dealing with difficult times that arise in a teenagers life.

Teens face many problems that adults may not comprehend. It is a turbulent time due to all the change that is going on in their lives: physical, social and psychological. They should be given guidance to explore and find themselves. We would like to help them on this journey and give them tools to help them throughout their adult life.

teenager thinking

*A Parental Intake would be required for teenagers under the age of 18 years of age looking to access Therapy.

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