Rachel Keogh

adult-and-child-therapy-centre faviconPsychotherapist

Rachel is a humanistic and integrative  psychotherapist with over 14 years experience who works creatively and relationally.  Rachel has extensive experience working with young people and adults in crisis and who may be dealing with trauma.  With a background in child development Rachel has an understanding of family dynamics, life stages and transitions that bring challenges and offer opportunity for growth.  Rachel sees therapy as a collaborative relationship where she aims to support clients to understand themselves better and feel empowered to move forward in life.
Rachel works holistically with the client’s whole life in mind and incorporates body focus and somatic knowing into her therapy work.  Creating a non -judgmental, self space where you can become more aware of who you are and being to live more authentically is a core part of the therapeutic work.  Rachel engages with clients where ever they are and nurtures their individuality, helping them challenge old patterns and find their voice so they can express themselves more.  She works informally an seeks to creating a trusting supportive relationship that welcomes whatever arises in the  moment or reemerges from past experiences.  Incorporating art, symbolism, dreams, body focus, mindfulness are just some of the ways Rachel supports clients in this work.
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