Dr Clare Brady and Doreen Kelly set the Children’s Assessment Centre up in November 2012, with a view to putting together a Team of Specialists in the area of Children. In March 2014, Clare & Doreen decided to extend the services to Adults. The Dublin Adult and Child Therapy Centre was then created and re-branded in 2015 to Adult and Child Therapy Centre – offering Professional Therapeutic Services to Adults, Teenagers and Children. The Team is dedicated to providing Assessment, Diagnosis and Therapeutic input.

Doreen’s previous experience working within a multi-disciplinary team for over 14 years has given Doreen a huge amount of confidence in ensuring the running of the Adult and Child Therapy Service. Doreen holds a diploma in practice management which she completed within the ICGP.  More recent Doreen has taken a greater interest in online Marketing and has completed courses within The Marketing Institute.

Doreen Kelly

Clinic Director, Read More About Doreen Kelly

Dr. Clare Brady, B. A (Hons), M. A, D. Psych Sc. (Clin. Psych), Reg. Clin. Psychol. PsSI, is a Registered Clinical Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI). In 2008 she completed the NUI Galway/HSE Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Dr Clare Brady

Senior Clinical Psychologist (PSI M604), Read More About Dr. Clare Brady

Michelle joined the team in June 2015 and is coming from a strong customer service background from working within the medical environment previously.

Michelle Dalton

Secretary, Read More About Michelle Dalton

Dr. David Flynn is a Clinical Psychologist and member of the Psychological Society of Ireland. In 2002 David obtained an honours degree in Psychology from University College Dublin. Upon completing his degree, he took up a post within an intellectual disability service followed by research roles in the areas of mental health and intellectual disabilities.

David Flynn

Clinical Psychologist, Read More About David Flynn

Sarah Collins, B.A (Hons), MSc, D. Clin Psych, is a Clinical Psychologist who obtained her PhD in Clinical Psychology from University College Dublin in 2016. Sarah obtained her BA in Psychology in 2009 from National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG).

Dr Sarah Collins

Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist, Read More About Dr. Sarah

Emma Victoria Conway, B.A (Hons), MSocSc, HdipPsych, MpsychSc, D. Clin Psych, is a Clinical Psychologist who obtained her DPsychSc in Clinical Psychology from the National University of Ireland, in Galway, in 2017. Emma originally obtained her BA Economics and Sociology and Master of Social Science in University College Dublin. She later retrained as a psychologist completing her Higher Diploma conversion degree in Psychology in 2010 from UCD.

Emma Conway

Clinical Psychologist, Read More About Emma Victoria Conway

Hazel Brady, BA (Hons.) Psych, MSc (Couns), PGD, is a fully accredited Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapist with a background in Psychology. She works with a range of therapeutic modalities designed to meet the individual needs of the client. A graduate of UCD and the University of Edinburgh, Hazel is registered with the IACP, PSI and BPS.

Hazel Brady

Psychotherapist, Read More About Hazel Brady

Aoife O’Neill has a number of years working with young adults in crisis. Aoife gained this experience in youth services dealing with complex issues particularly at a time in their lives when they are transitioning from being a young adult into adulthood and the challenges that can pose. Aoife currently provides therapeutic intervention to adults in a local community counselling service. Here Aoife works with a range of difficulties such as anxiety, health anxiety, social anxiety, phobias, OCD, stress, life changes, low self-esteem, anger and psychosomatic symptoms.

Aoife O'Neill

Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, Read More About Aoife O'Neill

Clare Graham is a trained humanistic and integrative psychotherapist, who brings a specific behavioural and systemic training to her work. Having achieved her postgraduate degrees in psychology from Cardiff University and UCD, Clare most recently graduated as a psychotherapist from Turning Point Training Institute and is a member of IAHIP.

As a trained humanistic and integrative psychotherapist, Clare has 14 years experience working in a variety of therapeutic settings and brings her behavioural and systemic training to her work with individual clients to best meet their needs and wants from the therapeutic experience.
Clare Graham

Psychotherapist, Read More About Clare Graham

Orlagh Murphy, B.A (Hons), MSc, PhD, is a Clinical Psychologist who obtained her PhD in Clinical Psychology from University College Dublin in 2019. Orlagh obtained her B.A in Psychology in 2013 from Trinity College Dublin. She also obtained her MSc in Clinical Neuropsychology in 2015 from Leiden University, the Netherlands. Orlagh has worked across a variety of adult, child and disability services during her Clinical Psychology training.

Dr Orlagh Murphy

Clinical Psychologist , Read More About Dr Orlagh Murphy

Michelle graduated in 2010 from Trinity College, Dublin with a BSc. OT. Michelle spent 2 years working in an acute adult hospital and 2 ½ years working in paediatrics in Ireland and Australia for both private and NGO services.  Michelle is also currently in the process of completing her Child Yoga Training.

Michelle Woods

Senior Occupational Therapist , Read More About Michelle Woods

Holly graduated in 2014 from Trinity College, Dublin with a BSc. in Clinical Speech and Language Studies.  Holly spent 2 years working in London in a variety of adult settings, acute hospitals, rehabilitation and community care including the Stroke Association Charity where she set up a coffee shop hub for adults post-stroke who were trying to reintegrate themselves back into their communities.

Holly Murphy

Speech and Language Therapist , Read More About Holly Murphy

Alan Galvin (B.A. Hons, PG H.Dip, MSc, D.Clin.Psy) is a Clinical Psychologist who obtained his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Newcastle University in 2019. He originally obtained a BA in Arts from National University of Ireland Maynooth in 2004 before undertaking a Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Psychology at Trinity College Dublin. Over the next years, he took up positions working in research teams in mental health and cognitive ageing at Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience, completing then a MSc in Applied Psychology for Children and Young People at Edinburgh University, where he was employed as a Clinical Associate Psychologist in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

Alan Galvin

Clinical Psychologist, Read More About Alan Galvin

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