OT Therapy

Therapeutic intervention for children is designed around your child’s individual needs. Identification of needs may have been the outcome of an occupational therapy assessment, or screening, or as a result of concerns raised by you the parents, the school principal, class teacher or by other professionals working with your child.

Once your child’s difficulties have been identified through assessment with ourselves or previous assessment with another therapist we can then therapeutic plan which is the Goals for therapy are identified and set for the therapy block (typically an 6-8 week block of individual sessions). Occupational therapy intervention can address a range of developmental difficulties such as these listed below:

  • Visual Perceptual skills
  • Visual-Motor Integration Skillsadult-and-child-therapy-centre favicon
  • Gross and Fine Motor Difficulties
  • Handwriting Difficulties
  • Sensory Processing Difficulties
  • Social Skills
  • Functional Skills


  • Therapy sessions 45/60 mins: €75/€90
  • Home Programmes written and posted out: €60
  • School Programme written and posted out: €60


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