Hazel Brady

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Hazel Brady, BA (Hons.) Psych, MSc (Couns), PGD, is a fully accredited Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapist with a background in Psychology. She works with a range of therapeutic modalities designed to meet the individual needs of the client. A graduate of UCD and the University of Edinburgh, Hazel is registered with the IACP, PSI and BPS.

Hazel works as part of a team of therapists within the Student Counselling Service in Trinity College Dublin. She assists a diverse multicultural population of students with a variety of presenting issues. She is the Co-Clinical Manager of OCD Ireland and facilitates OCD, Body Dysmorphic, Trichotillomania, and Family groups in St. Patrick’s University Hospital.

Hazel works to create a safe and non-judgemental space to explore and understand your feelings, behaviours, and thoughts. Her wish is to help you get to know yourself on a deeper level and to work through any difficulties which may have arisen in your life. Using the self as a source of awareness to guide and find personal direction, by reconnecting to intuition, Hazel works to help you look inward to find your own authenticity in a fast-paced world.

Often issues which arise have roots deep in our past, counselling provides a safe environment to explore and come to terms with these personal experiences. Hazel understands that this journey of self-discovery can be hard to do alone and offers support as you gather personal insights, integrate, and make life changes.

Hazel has a special interest in the links between the body and mind, and how these links can be used to help you understand stress, health, emotional patterns, triggers, thoughts and behaviours.

Hazel works with: Life changes , Relationship problems, Anxiety, Depression, Low Self-Esteem, Abuse, Stress, Psychosomatic Issues, Loss, Eating Disorders, Sexuality, Sexual Difficulties, Bullying, OCD, Trauma, LGBT concerns, Bereavement, Grief, Prolonged Grief, Existential Issues, Pet Loss, Anger, Self-Harm, Health.


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