Type of Appointment



Adult Therapy €100 Psychologist
Parental Intake Consultation with Senior Psychologist €150 Psychologist
Therapy Consultations for Adults, Teenager and Children
CBT Consultations
CBT Therapist
Educational Assessments
Study Sessions
Educational Psychologist
Autism Assessment to include:Cognitive Assessment Diangostic Assessment (ADI-R, ADOS) Feedback with Parents on report Full Written report which will be accepted by Seno to gain access to resource hour or within school

Post Assessment apt with Simone Coleman Board Certified Behaviour Analyst who will help families access services within their area, filling out forms such as home tuition, creating a carepathway for their family



€1150 Psychologist
ADHD Assessments (Cognitive Assessment, Completion of ADHD Screens done with parents and teachers) Parental Feedback and Full Written Report

Cognitive Assessments (Developmental Delay) to include Parental Intake Cognitive Assessment Parental feedback Full Written report




Clinical Psychologist
Pre School /Creche/School Observation as part of overall assessment process School Liason for ongoing therapy €200
Family and Education Co-Ordinator
Speech and Language Full Assessment with Report

Initial SLT appointment for parents only

Late Talkers Assesment

Speech Sound Assessment





SLT Therapist
Speech and Language Therapy in Clinic

School Visits or Home Visits

€75 (45 mins)
€90 (60 mins)€100
SLT Therapist
Occupational Therapy Assessments with written reports

Written Home Programmes

Occupational Therapy Session


HomeSchool/ Visits



€75 (45 mins)
€90 (60 mins)



OT Therapist


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