First Steps

What to do if you are having concerns about your child’s development or behaviour? The first step is to book a Parental Intake Consultation with our Clinical Psychologists.

The purpose of this initial visit is that the Psychologist will take a full developmental history of your child and also get a clear picture of what the concerns are either from home or school.  They will then give you a clear recommendation for what the next step should be.  They also can recommend who would be best suited to working with your child on our team through therapy or favicon

When a child is Pre-school or School, we regularly start our process by observation of them in this environment to get a clearer picture of them, which will go towards overall assessment or as part of a therapeutic approach.

We will send you out an intake form which is to be filled out and brought with you to your appointment.

Dr Clare Brady

Dr Sarah Collins

Dr Kylie L’estrange

all provide Parental Intake appointments within our clinic.

Cost of Initial appointment is €150 and duration of appointment is 45 mins.

 Family bonding

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