Developmental Delay

A Developmental Delay means that a child is behind in some areas of development, such as:adult-and-child-therapy-centre favicon

  • Physical – gross, fine motor
  • Cognitive –problem solving, visual perception, sequencing etc.
  • Communication – how the child understands what is said and how the child uses sounds, words or gestures to let others know what he/she wants.
  • Social/Emotional – behavioural difficulties, difficulties with social interaction etc.
  • Adaptive Development – self-help, including feeding and dressing skills

What’s involved in a Developmental Assessment?

  • A Parental Intake with Clinical Psychologist to gain a better understanding of  Developmental History will also review any previous assessments with other clinicians such as Paediatrician’s/ Gp’s/Consultants.
  • Cognitive Assessment: if a child is under the age of 3 we carry out a Bayley Assessment which is completed by Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist together at the same time
  • Feedback to parents with regard to outcome of assessments and recommendations and referrals which may need to be put in place for future care or future educational needs

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