Anxiety in Children

Our therapists offer 1:1 therapeutic services to children from age of 12 and up  who are experiencing anxiety and may be displaying signs of worrying around different areas of their lives.    They can worry a lot about whether they are good enough at school, have enough friends, Separation anxiety,etc. They also may be apprehensive about trying new things for example going for sleep-overs, or may give up an activity that they have started because they don’t think they are good enough.

We also offer services to parents of younger children in the format as set out below:

Parent-led CBT (children under age of 12 ) is a treatment option that can help empower you with the tools to support your child in manging their anxiety. Traditional therapies would have predominately been with the child for 1 hour per week and parents might not have been given the tools to manage the behaviour they were experiencing at home.

The parent-led CBT approach believes that the parents are the agent of change for their child, they are with their child the vast majority of the time and therefore can have a greater impact on supporting their child’s anxiety.

Session 1 is an assessment session to gather a full family background in order to tailor a treatment plan that is best for your individual circumstances.

Session 2&3 focus on psychoeducation and implementation of strategies. We will explore what anxiety is, how it is impacting your child and start to introduce strategies that you can implement within the home and bring back to session to review.

Session 4 is a review of our learnings and mapping out a plan going forward.

If your child  suffers from anxiety, it’s possible they may suffer from pains in their tummy or headaches. If you are concerned about your child regards anxiety, book an initial consultation with our Psychologist to discuss support options for you and your child/teenager. 

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