Pro-Active Parenting Programme.

Week Pro-active Parenting Programme. Time
1 Initial consultation in Centre 45
2 Home observation session – The Behaviour Analyst takes note of behaviours arising and factors affecting this 60
3 Session 1: Understanding behaviour change 60
  Functional analysis 60
4 Session 2: Parenting toolbox 60
5 Plan reviewed with parents. Training for parents on how to run all aspects of the plan 60
6 Training and observation of parents running the plan with the child 60
7 Review of data and troubleshooting any issues arising 60
8 Review of parent skill development and planning for maintenance 60

* within X miles of the Centre

The above Programme is a rough draft of what our Pro-Active Parenting programme looks like.  The main emphasis is on parents taking the time to reflect on their current style of parenting and how that is working or not working and how things could be improved on.  There will be lots of 1:1 parent training in order for parents to gain a range of different skills to put into their toolbox in order for them to become even more confident in their parenting and to bring families closer together.

Costs involved:

Clinic 60min Visits  €50

Home Visits           €100 (depending on mileage from clinic)

1 x 2 hour training session in home €150






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