Alison Murray


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Alison is a fully accredited Psychotherapist / Supervisor with IACP for 20 years. She studied Psychology in Trinity College Dublin and went on to study Counselling & Psychotherapy in The Tivoli Institute Dublin. Alison works from a person centered approach, working with  a wide range of modalities depending on the client’s needs: with Families, Couples, Teens, Adults, working face to face, on Skype and over the phone.

Alison Murray works in a private capacity with EAP, Employment Assistance Programme, VHI. She worked with MyMind for 10 years, and as Clinical coordinator/supervisor with The Beacon of Light Clondalkin. She continue to work with NCBI National Council for the Blind, IKA Irish Kidney Association offering ongoing therapy and illness management. Alison has facilitated group work with both teens and adults managing long term illness, sex and sexuality, eating disorders, addictions, PTSD, Disability to name a few.

Alison aims to offer a safe environment without blame or judgement to explore the immediacy of life’s demands, and to explore and develop awareness leading to choice and tools for managing our internal and external worlds.

Background areas:

ADD/ADHD, Addictions, Abuse, Adoption, Anger Management, Bereavement, Cancer, CBT, Long term Illness, General Counselling, Disability, Sex and Sexuality, Trauma, Life Coaching. Infertility, Drug use & misuse, Relationships, OCD, Personal Development, Self-Harm, Religion & Spirituality. Pain Management.






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