The Dublin Adult and Child Therapy Centre is a multi-disciplinary Team. By coming together, we aim to give a full service to young children, teenagers and adults. We provide Our Clients with access to fully qualified Professionals who, working as a Team, deliver high quality Care and Service.

adult and child therapy

Adult Therapy

Our team of skilled Clinical and  Counselling Psychologists offer Therapy to Adults who may be experiencing a time in their lives where they are feeling depression, anxiety or other such symptons

adult and child therapy

Teen Therapy

Teens face many problems that adults may not comprehend. It is a turbulent time due to all the change that is going on in their lives physical, social and psychological. They should be given guidance to explore and find themselves. We would like to help them on this journey and give them tools to help them throughout their adult life.

adult and child therapy

Children’s Services

Our psychology service is open to children of all abilities and ages. If you are having concerns about your child’s development or behaviour please look at these first steps you should take.

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